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West Texas Farms was established in 2021 with the mission of bringing healthy foods to the Permian Basin. As a startup, Randy Wolfe needed a website and social media graphics to help grow his dream and drive new customers, and I was more than happy to help.

Creative Process

We discussed Randy’s business, how it started, and his ambitious vision of the future over a cup of coffee.
His story is unique from most farmers, as his experience came from backpacking worldwide and working as a migrant farmer to pay for his expenses. As he told me about his journey, which inspired him to grow microgreens, my wheels started turning.
Randy already had a logo and liked a fresh modern look, but he needed a website and some highlight covers to match. My vision for this project was to tell Randy’s story of how he produces high-quality greens and get the customer feeling connected to both him and the greens before ever meeting him.


Randy wanted to focus on promoting his subscription service to get greens delivered but had a tight budget. The solution was a 4-page site with anchors linked to the main menu navigation. This allowed me to make navigation easy even when the pages may have a lot of info.

The home page covers all the bases.

  • Static contact info and navigation
  • What West Texas Farms does
  • Who they are and what their mission is
  • How to get their products
  • Why you should buy their product
  • Testimonials of customers who love their product
  • How to stay in touch

These highlights are laid out in an easy-to-read, eye-catching format with intuitive navigation to the rest of the site.


Subscriptions and More

    The other main page of the site is “The Greens.”

    This page has information about their subscription service, farmer’s markets, wholesale purchasing for restaurants, and an order form with a gorgeous menu.

    Creating an informative page built lightweight for speed with intuitive flow and navigation was a challenge, along with a few trial and error plugin payment options. Still, sticking to the budget, we opted for a basic order form over an expensive payment plugin and used a Stipe account to manually send invoices and set up the subscriptions.


    Final Product

    After adding in the Contact and About page Randy’s website was complete. This modern site was so fun to put together, and Randy was happy with how it turned out.

    Highlight Covers

    West Texas Farms also needed a set of highlight covers for their Instagram stories. Each cover has a photo of his actual greens and a custom vectors to match his brand.

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